Electric Heaters

With the winter approaching, the efficient and cheap heating of our home becomes a priority. Atlantic electric heaters are one good solution.

Atlantic electric heaters possess some characteristics which distinguish them from similar products on the market:

  • wide capacity range (from 500W to 2500W), which allows you to chose the suitable unit for each room;
  • wide model range- apart from the classic heaters, Atlantic offers several series of radiant heaters (infra red), all with IP 24;
  • high-efficiency and energy saving – all heaters are equipped with mechanical, electronic or digital electronic thermostat for precise and efficient control;
  • competitive price – being a world leader in the production of electric heaters, Atlantic provides an optimum correlation between price and quality;
  • Atlantic heaters can be equipped with feet kit for floor standing installation. For some models there is an additional accessory – pass-program;
  • modern design – thin and elegant, Atlantic heaters are a true example of aesthetics and functionality;

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